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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Items I desire

Here I show you my Wish-list, I really want everything, but I find completely impossible to find them, and of course, find the money :P
Good night, and hope you had had a great Saturday!
Aquí os muestro un poco de mi Wish-list, yo realmente lo quiero todo, pero creo que completamente imposible encontrarlo, y por supuesto, encontrar el dinero :P
Buenas noches, y espero que hayáis pasado un gran Sábado!
I think I <3 NY t-shirts are too simple to buy them, when I saw this one... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!
Love skinny jeans, and I also love Gothic details like these ones

I've been looking for this nail polish a lot of time, but I'm starting to think it's just a photoshop effect. So lovely!

Nirvana is one of my favourite groups. I have the tee with the yellow face, but this one runs circles around mine.

Simply so AMAZING!
Now, it's maybe a little late, but next winter I'm sure I'll have my new Dr Mattens :)
I've been wanting a dog since ever, but I still live with my parents, so... If I had to choose one, CHOWS would be certainly my choice. So cute!
I love big rings, and always wear more than one. I found these and I think with  gemstones are gorgoeus.
Carey sunglasses are my favourite ones, I hope find somewhere these ones.
If I get good marks this year, at last I could reach a new Iphone just for me. I feel like having it!
I like having lots of earrings, one for each day. Big ones are amazing.These are so hippie and cool!
Once, I almost got the Bobbi Brown palette...but it was almost, I promise. I like this palette because colours are so powerful and shiny.
All my bras are white, grey, black or nude. Just wanna change once ^^
When I saw the movie Australia, I fell in love with all its views, I'm refearing to the interior, the sabana. I'd like to go there in my Honey Moon. It's amazing.
I've seen these coffees many times, don't you like to taste it? Certainly, I do <3
I saw this pic in blog I follow, they're sponsoring the ring. But what I really liked was her tat. Love the place and the shape. I think it's seriously PERFECT!

11 comentarios:

M dijo...

los primeros shorts me han encantado, todas las camisetas son geniales, y las martens? como no!
pero sin duda, lo que más me ha gustado de todo han sido esos anillos con minerales!!

il était une fois... dijo...

OMG ive wanted a chow FOREVER too!!!!! one day ill have one!!!


Jelly and Butter dijo...

thank youu =)

Janii ♥ dijo...

Esa camiseta de Nirvana es del H&M (:
me han gustado las cositas. Un besin!

Loca por los tacones dijo...

Has hecho una gran selección...
yo también te sigo y gracias por pasar por mi blog.

Loca por lo tacones

Zaida dijo...

diooooos *______*
el sujetador es demasiado
te sigooo!
Pasate por el mio si quieres un besoooo (:

The Gossip Eye dijo...

Acabo de llegar a tu blog, no se muy bien como, pero me gusta un montón!
De todas las cositas de tu Wish List me encantan los shorts y el sujetador con tachuelas, es TOTAL! Quiero uno igual :D
Respecto al pintauñas, yo creo que si existe, con la de tonos que hay hoy en día si buscas MUY muy bien seguro que lo encuentras. De todas formas en Sephora han traido un montonazo de tonalidades (de los que valen 5€, creo) y me suena haber visto alguno parecido. Había varios metalizados.

Un saludo!

Madame Garburn dijo...

Bff me encanta todooo ! Gran entrada :)

Mery dijo...

nice pictures....

KKK dijo...

omg! the dog is so cute!

mymy dijo...

love everything here , especially the short and earings!
nice blog by the way ;-)