martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Rock shopping

Goodmorning! how is the weekeng going?
I'm really sorry because I don't post since a long time, but I have some difficult exams and I need to prepare them pretty hardly.
Yesterday I went to Madrid to do some shopping and I found some lovely things:
Buenos días! Qué tal va el fin de semana?
Lo siento mucho por no haber posteado desde hace bastante tiempo, pero tengo algunos exámenes muy difíciles y tengo que prepararlos a base de mucho esfuerzo.
Ayer fui a Madrid para hacer algo de shopping y encontré algunas cositas encantadoras:
This tee seems to be normal, but I promise you it is absolutly cool. The yellow is more fluorescent and the tee is really short. h&m, 9,95€

It isn't the one I bought but I cant find it. Mine is more colorful and with tan skins looks amazing. Blanco, 12,95€

Yes, a basic tee. NOOOOOO! when you wear it with  some tall pants,  necklaces and a little bit of style is the  most gorgeous tee ever! Stradivarius 8,95€
Now I just let you some of the h&m tees about rock bands. Right now there are some pretty cool on sale: The Beatles, Guns n' Roses, God Saves the Queen and The Rolling Stones. They are short and full of style. I haven't found pics of them so you'll have to be satisfaced with old ones.
Ahora os dejo algunas de las camisetas de h&m de bandas de rock. Ahora hay algunas bastante chulas a la venta: The Beatles, Guns n' Roses, God Saves the Queen and The Rolling Stones. Son cortitas y con muchísimo estilo. No he encontrado fotos para mostrároslas así que tendréis que conformaros con las de las colecciones pasadas.