viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011


Thank you very much to all the people who reads me and follows my blog. I started in January, visiting blogs with more than 600 followers and they were the most for me. Now I am that girl with 600 followers, and now, in summer I cannot write too much, but when I have  the time I promise I'll be posting continually!

All I love right now are...

Strapless swimsuits. So sexy and the best way undoubtly to have a perfect tan. Visit this site if you have any doubt about swimsuits: Swimsuit Glossary.
Elisabeth Taylor - Photo by Richard Avedon, 1956.

Every single song of the awesome alternative rock band Radiohead. They're the best, for those relaxing sunbathing moments in the lounger. Their lyrics can make you cry, now we all have come from a fabolous summer trip (I'm talking about your love affairs). Every time I listen to them,  I cannot forget what happened in California. I think they're a good chance to remember for a while the magic of vacations.
Creep - Radiohead

One month ago I first saw the Gossip Girl show. I completely fell in love of every single outfit. But one of the things I'd to share with you is the Serena/Blake Lively eyes make-up. I think it's really easy. You just have to add some copper-silver color in the lacrimal. For any doubt watch this tutorial.  Get the Look: Blake Lively Inspired Make-Up Tutorial

I've been in a lot of places this summer, and there're some that haven't been visited yet. California, cruise by the Baltic Sea, Madrid, Mediterranean Coast. What's that thing you must not forget?. I'm talking about the Camera. Recently I bought a new one. I present to you the Lumix ZS10 - Panasonic. It's a really good camera talking about travelling. You have a high wide-angle, wich allows you to have a biggest picture of the view. It also has GPS. Fully equipped! If you are looking for a camera for these lovely days here is the Lumix site.