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jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

Random de después de California

Hi bloggers!
I've been in California as you already know, so I haven't posted in one month and a half. 
I have no time, but I thought I should post soon or I won't have fans : )
Well... I'm going to make a change. No more Spanish. I think I have come with a good level, and it's very hard to be translating every single word. So, I'm sorry for all that Spanish people who reads me. I know most of you understand English, so there's no problem anywhere.
My trip was amazing, we went to Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Huntigton, New Port, Six Flags, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas ... Last year I already went, but I promise, you need more than once to visit averything, because that state is the coolest of the world. 
On 13rd I'm leaving to the Baltic Sea...this summer is going to be absolutly awesome.
I have found some cool pics, for all of you. 
I love you.

Alter Bridge- All Hope is Gone

In September I have a wedding, I'm so excited! I already have bought my dress (Formul@), a clutch bag (Aïta), and the shoes. I have to show some pics...maybe next post : )

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Yago Richelly dijo...

Hi, All good? LOVED your blog! is very beautiful, with beautiful pictures! Congratulations ...

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Yago Richelly

Tamara Depp dijo...

I love this!
Me encanta el estilo de las fotos :)

Un besito, pásate!

Bree dijo...

very cute blog, my dear!!! I love all of these pictures! Especially the Harry potter one ;)

want to follow each other?

Carolina García Ipser dijo...

wow, estuviste en California :O que guaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, seguro que lo pasaste en grande!!! Las fotos de este post están geniales!!! Un besazo desde
feliz lunes :)