sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

First day of class

I know most of you will have had started already school/colleges. Anyways here I bring you some tips to go to class and make everybody turns his head when they see us.
First of all, we must know that we are going to class, not to a party. Make sure you're not showing to much and wear street clothes.

Shirts undone and jackets are good ways to have a cool style. Try them with handy jeans and band t-shirts. You'll rock.

Big sweaters are really easy to combain and comfortable to wear make them part of your wardrove. Find cool colors as yellow, turquose, mustard, pink...

Complete the outfit with sweet aceesorizes that do not  interrupt you in class. I'm talking about colorful bags, funny rings, big glasses, rings, shoes...

The Cuts! -  Kiki